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AMROTEC® MIB-9 Currency Discriminator Counter – 2 Pockets, Medium-duty

"MiB-9" Compact Currency Discriminator / Mix Bill Value Counter w/2-Pockets for Bank Branches and Retails

All these advanced hardware now offer at MOST COMPETITIVE MSRP than any other competitors’s comparable model and without compromising best hardware configuration or durability or performance.

World’s Smallest 2-Pocket Currency Discriminator with 2-full pockets. USD, CAD Standard software. 
AMROTEC®’s compact addition, “MiB-9″ is the world’s smallest 2-Pocket Currency Discriminator  or Mixed Bill Value Counter (Stacker & 100 bills Reject Pocket) suitable for medium-duty cash processing at Financial, various Retail cash processing centers, and smaller gaming avenues.

New Generation model “MiB-9″ is an advanced, Technology up-to-date and offers high-speed non-interrupted operation having a dedicated full-reject pocket. MiB-9 is able to successfully and accurately recognize banknotes denomination, face and orientation and value up to 1000 Notes Per/min with suspect detection function activated. It is equipped with 3” Graphic LCD Display, and user-friendly functions necessary for low to medium volume tellers and retail cashiers to process their daily task.

  • Even smaller footprint than AMROTEC®’s previous model 1.5-pocket discriminator X-1, new model MiB-9 is equipped with high-resolution CIS Image Processing Sensor to generate highest bill-recognition.
  • CIS, IR-sensor, MR(Magneto-resistive) and multi-UV sensors provide detection of sophisticated counterfeit bills. 


MIB-9 Currency Discriminator 2 Pocket [User's Self-Training Videos]