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AMROTEC® MIB-11V Currency Discriminator 2 Pockets, Touch-Screen, Heavy-Duty


"MiB-11V" Currency Discriminator or Mixed Bill Value Counter w/2-Pockets, Heavy-Duty and Touch-Screen

Revolutionary Transformation to Desktop Currency Processing! Processes world-currencies in single-pass on a fly
AMROTEC® ‘s new generation “MiB-11V” Currency Discriminator with 2- Pocket model (1 Stacker and full Reject Pocket) brings in Revolutionary Transformation to Desktop Cash Processing and sets a new standard in the market place. 

Even smaller footprint than AMROTEC® ‘s previous generation 2-pocket discriminator X-1000 model, new generation heavy-duty model MiB-11V is compact, equipped with 4.3″ Color fast-responsive Touch Screen and stylus pen for navigating of User’s menu and screen. Other important hardware and software features:

Some other Important features of MIB-11V

  • Dual-CIS Image Processing Sensors and IR-Array Pattern recognition Algorithm generate highest and unparalleled bill-recognition in the industry.

  • Long IR-array sensor, Multi-Channel MR(Magneto-resistive)-Array and 4 UV sensors provide detection of highly sophisticated Super Counterfeit bills.

  • Processing bills at up to 1200 NPM (up to 72,000 per hour), smooth feeding of Worn bills has been perfected with years of engineering and even without fitness sorting mechanism, able to read bills with certain clear tapes and soiled banknotes.  

  • Various counting modes of operation are provided, such as MIX, SINGLE, SORT, FACE, ORIENT, and Multi-Currencies operation on the fly. USD and Canada software are included as standard currency feature. Various batching/strapping options available from denomination batching or batch by specific dollar amount. 

  • User-Friendly Touch-Screen control panel which can be customized to customer’s preference. Various customization is available.  Turn off any modes that is not needed or customize your counting modes as you prefer or even change Count results color from Black to Red or customize your own preferred modes. 

  • Software includes feature of able to select “RETAIL LEVEL” (Relax Version / Default) or “BANKING LEVEL” (Strict Version) counterfeit Detection software which can be switched in between, while both version of CF levels are designed to detect most highly-sophisticated Counterfeit bills in circulation today.  

" Almost every known features to-date have been included in our new Generation "MiB-11V" 2-pocket heavy-duty Currency Discriminator. Customization of virtually everything possible from operating modes to main screen and have never been this easy. Included Stylus pen provides alternative way of navigating capability. User can chose which modes to be visible or how much details to show on Touch screen. Includes option to customize user's own preferred modes with adding denomination batch or add function activated."
Undoubtedly, MiB-11V is one of the most unique and Bank-Casino grade machine in the market - Processing Mixture of world currencies in One-Single Pass and successfully. 

- Amrotec®

Constructed with components from reputable suppliers located in South Korea and Japan.  

Many advanced hardware equipped in MIB-11V model now offer at a highly competitive MSRP without compromising it’s long-term durability, highest performance and superior suspect detection.