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AMROTEC® MIB-11V Currency Discriminator w/Touch Screen – 2 Pockets, Heavy Duty


"MiB-11V" Currency Discriminator or Mixed Bill Value Counter w/2-Pockets, Heavy-Duty and Touch-Screen

Revolutionary Transformation to Desktop Currency Processing! Processes world-currencies in single-pass on a fly
AMROTEC® ‘s new generation and latest “MiB-11V” Currency Discriminator or Mixed Bill Value Counter with 2- Pocket model (1 Stacker and full Reject Pocket) brings in Revolutionary Transformation to Desktop Cash Processing and sets a new standard in the market place. 
  • Even smaller footprint than AMROTEC® ‘s previous generation 2-pocket discriminator X-1000 model, new generation heavy-duty model MiB-11V is compact, equipped with 4.3″ Color fast-responsive Touch Screen and stylus pen for navigating of User’s menu and screen. Other important hardware and software features:
  •  Dual-CIS Image Processing Sensors and IR-Array Pattern recognition Algorithm generate highest and unparallel bill-recognition in the industry.
  • Long IR-array sensor, Multi-Channel MR(Magneto-resistive)-Array and 4 UV sensors provide detection of highly sophisticated Counterfeit bills.
  • Processing bills at up to 1200 NPM (up to 72,000 per hour), smooth feeding of Worn bills has been perfected with years of engineering and even without fitness sorting mechanism, able to read bills with certain clear tapes and soiled banknotes.  
  • Various counting modes of operation are provided, such as MIX, SINGLE, SORT, FACE, ORIENT, and Multi-Currencies operation. USD and Canada software are included as standard feature.  
  • Software includes feature of “BANKING LEVEL” and “RETAIL LEVEL” counterfeit Detection software (releases users from adjusting suspect detection levels manually) to choose from.
  • Constructed with components from reputable suppliers in South Korea and Japan.  
  • All these advanced hardware equipped in MIB-11V model now offer at a highly competitive MSRP without compromising long-term durability or highest performance.

" Almost every known features to-date have been included in our new Generation "MiB-11V" 2-pocket heavy-duty Currency Discriminator. Customization of virtually everything possible from operating modes to main screen and have never been this easy. Included Stylus pen provides alternative way of navigating capability. User can chose which modes to be visible or how much details to show on Touch screen. Includes option to customize user's own preferred modes with adding denomination batch or add function activated."
Undoubtedly, MiB-11V is one of the most unique and Bank-Casino grade machine in the market - Processing Mixture of world currencies in One-Single Pass and successfully. 

- Amrotec®


"MiB-11VC" Currency Discriminator - special model for Banknote or Casino Ticket processing

MIB-11VC (Casino) Special Model for processing barcode Tickets

MIB-11VC model can be equipped with special rollers and Barcode ticket processing software for Casino operators to separate tickets from banknotes in mixture and at the same time, process Barcode Tickets and send barcode decoding data to our MIB software "MINIVOLX". Software also allows Export feature of all processed ticket data and Currency count results (process them separately) via separate Text files.

Banknotes and Tickets in mixture must be separated first and counted individually. If users require them to process in one single pass, then, please choose our Banknote sorters such as MIB-3000 / 5000 or Laurel K-Series Banknote sorters which are also capable of processing them in mixture and sort them into separate pockets and send out data to PC Software (our own configured software). Request for a video demonstration or visit respective product pages.

Barcode Ticket Decoding data and Currency Count to MINIVOLX Software ( See screen shots)

[Disclaimer: Banknote images will not be shown on this software or saved to PC hard drive. This video illustration is only for MIB-11VC machine’s Casino tickets decoding feature and export decoding data to Text file.]


"MiB-11VL" Currency Discriminator - special model for Law Enforcement Agencies for capturing S/N of Banknotes

"MIB-11VL" (Law Enforcement) Special Model for processing Banknote Serial number

MIB-11VL model can be equipped with Banknote Serial number scanning mode to scan and capture serial number of every passing banknotes (from either sides due to having DUAL-Scanners) by OCR means and send data to our specialized software "SDC-100" in the form of Image and Text, export them into excel file to your PC or simply print if a printer (SNBC) is connected.

Operators at Law Enforcement agencies are able to process their cash at a speed of 1200 notes per minute and send count results and serial number data of every counted banknotes to the software which can be searched later on within the software database created by the users. Software is also able to identify black-list (lets say serial number for suspect bills if entered in advanced and saved into the software database) or duplication. Request for video demonstration

Screen shots of SDC-100 software showing captured serial number of Banknotes and Video Demonstration



MIB-11V User Self-Training Videos
(Step-by-Step Training method)