“MIB-11V” Currency Discriminator w/2 Pockets & 4.3″ Touch Screen w/Stylus Pen (USD+CAD) – Heavy-Duty

AMROTEC®’s New-Generation “MIB-11V” Currency Discriminator 2-Pocket model brings in Revolutionary Transformation to Desktop Cash Processing and sets a new standard in the marketplace.

🔳 It processes world-currencies in ONE SINGLE-PASS if they are in mixture. USD and Canada currency S/W is standard. 

🔳 “MIB-11V” is technology up to date by taking advantage of rapid advancement in mechanical and electronics design improvement. 

🔳 While it is designed for large volume cash processing up to 72,000 bills per hour, it is equipped with smaller foot-print desired by most financial, retails and casinos. 

🔳 Featuring sophisticated DUAL-CIS Image sensors and IR-Array pattern algorithm, it provides various counting and sorting modes of operation uninterrupted with a dedicated full reject pocket while at the same time, provides superb suspect detection (SUPER DOLLAR CF bill) with the means of full-channel of IR, MR-array, and multi-channel UV.

Know The Industry

AMROTEC® - a brand with Years Of Experience In Currency Discriminators

"MIB-11V" is the Best Heavy-Duty Dual Pocket Currency Discriminator out there.

Important Features Built-in

Market inquiry regarding Durability and Longevity

AMROTEC® considered thoughtfully about market inquiry as to durability and longevity during development stage and its acceptability among its customers, so, AMROTEC® specially paid attention to machine’s most critical, fast- and slow-moving parts and components to make sure they are from reputable countries or suppliers, such as from Japan and Korea.

Small Foot-Print for a Heavy-Duty Equipment

MIB-11V uses shortest bill path of 318mm, smaller bill path among many comparable heavy-duty machines and with corresponding 17 roller-shaft, brake and Clutch in combination allow smooth bill feeding and error-free bill transport to Stacker or diversion to reject pocket neatly & in organized manner.

Fewer the parts, chances of over- uses and extreme pressure on each of the parts when comes to heavy-duty uses “MIB-11V” is designed for and used for; without such durable construction, it will lead to higher trouble-calls and increase service frequency.

🔳 MIB-11V includes customization of operating modes (MIX / SINGLE / SORT/ FACE (all)/ ORIENT (all) and customization of Main Counting screen has never been easy. Users can choose which modes are visible or how much details Main Screen should show or how font color of count results may appear (Red or Black).

🔳 Users even able to customize their own preferred modes with adding denomination batch or add function activated on that particular mode with quick access. 

🔳 MIB-11V includes 4.3″ capacitive Touch Screen display with fastest response in the industry and included Stylus pen provides alternative way to navigate and browse touch screen.