“Discontinued” Products from 2008 – 2019


This is an Archive of our discontinued products from 2008 – 2023. AMROTEC® is dedicated to continuously expanding our product offerings with innovative new solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers. As we introduce new products, it becomes necessary to discontinue products using older-technology or lesser specifications, in the name of improvement, efficiency and product-line simplicity. In the majority of cases,  AMROTEC® already offers a substitute product with newer technology and that is designed to perform better and with more efficiently than discontinued model. 

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Discontinue Products from 2019 - 2023

[MIB-1 Currency Discriminator -Single Stacker]

[Discontinued in 2023, replaced by advanced “MX-i model]

“MIB-1” Model – LOW VOLUME

▶️ MIB-1 currency discriminator is a single stacker pocket, equipped with 3″ LCD TFT display. 

▶️ It denominates and process USD and world banknotes  at a speed of up to 1200 bills per minute. 

▶️ It includes MIX / SINGLE / SORT / FACE / ORIENT and COUNT mode. Certain counting modes can be removed if not required. 

▶️ It stops when it detects non-selected different denomination or different face or orientation than the first bill in SINGLE, FACE and ORIENT mode.


[MIB-9 Currency Discriminator 1+1 Pocket]

[Discontinued in 2023, replaced by Advanced model MX-PRO]

“MIB-9” Model – BANK GRADE 

▶️ “MIB-9” is one of the world’s smallest 1+1 Pocket Currency discriminator w/3″ Color TFT LCD display, having a stacker and reject pocket for non-interruption operation. 

▶️ Denominates banknotes at a speed up to 1200 NPM. USD and Canada software are included as standard. 

▶️ Includes MIX / SINGLE / SORT / FACE / ORIENT / COUNT modes. Modes can be removed and simplified.

▶️ Strap by Qty or by Amount or all Denomination Straps by $ Dollar amount (set by customers) in SINGLE and SORT modes.

▶️ Full Image scanner and IR sensor to generate highest bill recognition rate in the industry. 

▶️ Sophisticated suspect bill detectors.

X-1000 Currency Discriminator – 2 Pockets, Heavy-Duty, Commercial Grade (Discontinued 2019)


X-1100 Currency Fitness Discriminator – 2 Pocket (ALL-IN-ONE), Commercial Grade (Discontinued 2019)


TC-5500 Spindle Banknote Counter for Strapped Banknotes / bundle (piece counter) (Discontinue 2021)

TC-5500 Bundle / Strap Counting Machine – Desktop 
AMROTEC®  TC-5500 Desk-top Bundle / Strap Note counter provides high-function, heavy-duty, horizontal feed spindle counter for processing strapped or unstrapped banknotes and a piece counter. This model developed with top priority given to cost while retaining high-quality, reliability and accuracy. All that is required is to place the strapped or loose banknotes in the holder and machine does the rest. CE, FCC, TUV, DNV approved. 
Having counting speed of 1500 notes per min or 100 notes per 4 sec., TC-5500 provides various operation modes including Count, Add, Batch, Check, Preset, Free, Accumulation, Alarm Mode.  As an optional feature, it can be equipped with UV (Ultra-Violate sensor) counterfeit detection for detecting suspect bills on the strap during counting. 

PRODUCT Comparison - Improvement of "MIB"Series over X-Series

X-Series 2014
(discontinued in 2019)
New-Generation "MIB" Series,
Released in 2019

Model X-1000(Discontinued)

  • Single CIS (Image sensor) for Denomination Recognition. Single side bill scanning
  • Single currency denomination bill processing in each count, such as USD or Canadian banknotes in each time and not in mixture. Market demanded processing of world-currencies in one-pass years ago.  
  • Single IR, MR-array. MGs and Basic UV detection for Suspect Detection
  • Smaller 3.5” TFT Color LCD Display
  • No Touch Screen. Still push button
  • Speed at 1000 notes per min speed produces less Jam over maximum 1200/npm for circulated bills.  
  • All Critical components, PCBs and over 90% components are made in Taiwan or China. 

Model “MIB-11V”  

– a Revolutionary

  • DUAL CIS (Image sensors) for highest Bill Recognition – Dual side bill image scanning for highest bill recognition in the industry
  • Able to process Mixture of world currencies in a SINGLE-PASS, ie. processes USD+CAD (standard feature) in mixture in one single count – single pass. 
  • Single IR, MR-array. MGs and SUPER UV detection for SUPER Suspect Detection
  • Large 4.3″ Color  Touch Screen with Stylus Pen included for easy navigation
  • Capable of processing circulated banknotes at highest 1200/npm without much rejects and jamming. Hardware improvement. 
  • All Critical components, PCBs and over 95% machine components are made in South Korea and Japan with increase durability and longevity.