Innovative Cash & Coin Processing Solutions

Desktop Currency Discriminator Counters to Multi-Pocket high-Speed Currency Sorters up to 12 pockets, Coin Sorters and other Banking Equipment Products

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Innovative and High-performance Cash Processing Products

Casino & Gaming Segment

AMROTEC® has been offering high-performance and heavy-duty cash processing equipment ranges from Currency Discriminator counters from single to 2 pocket for your cage through back office to stores located inside of venue to larger multi-pocket […]

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Teller Software Interface

Teller and Casino Software Interface Products: Our latest New Generation “MiB”-Series Currency Discriminators are now interface with most banks teller App software through ADD-ON Interface products, such as Teller-Count, Teller-Count Base Station, CASH-IN-EZ-Wedge etc. Further, our […]

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Retail Market Segment

Since 2003, AMROTEC® has been offering most innovative, high-performance and impressive small to Heavy-Duty Currency Discriminating counters to count, discriminate and authenticate US and Canadian Currencies and Coin processing Equipment (Coin Counters and packager, Coin Sorters) […]

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Financial Industry Segment

Since 2003, AMROTEC® has been offering most innovative, SMART, User-Friendly, high-performance and impressive Currency Discriminating and Sorting and Coin processing Equipment designed to handle medium to heavy-duty volume requirements to count, sort and authenticate Currency and coins at financial institutions […]

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Featured Products

Latest “MiB-11V” Revolutionary Heavy Duty Currency Discriminator w/2 Pockets & Touch Screen (2019 Series)

Revolutionary Transformation to Desktop Currency Processing! AMROTEC®’s New-Generation “MiB-11V” Currency Discriminator 2-Pocket model brings in Revolutionary Transformation to Desktop Cash Processing and sets a new standard in the market place. “MiB-11V” is  technology up-to-date by taking […]

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World’s Smallest 2-Pocket Currency Discriminator “MiB-9” (2019 series)

Engineered to Meet Your Satisfaction!  AMROTEC’s new-generation model “MiB-9” is one of the world’s smallest 2-Pocket Currency discriminator with a full Stacker and dedicated 100 bills reject pocket. Having US and Canadian currency software as […]

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AMROTEC® products – Teller PC Interface with Teller-Count & CASHPRO software

Our latest New Generation “MiB” Series Currency Discriminators have been interfaced with most banks teller App software through ADD-ON Interface products since their release in 2014 such as Teller-Count, Teller-Count Base Station, CASH-IN-EZ-Wedge etc which send […]

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Laurel K-Series Large Banknote Sorters 4 – 12 Stackers

AMROTEC® Solution for Casino or CIT Cash Room Operation – Large and Heavy-duty Banknote Sorters AMROTEC® offers heavy-duty K-Series Currency Sorters to process banknotes and Casino tickets ranges from 4 stackers upto 12 stackers, designed […]

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Laurel K-12 Large Banknote Sorter

AMROTEC® K-12 heavy-duty Currency Sorter to process banknotes and Casino tickets having 12 stackers designed for Financial, CIT and Casino Industry. Manufactured in Japan by world reputable bank equipment manufacturer Laurel, K-12 is equipped with  12 pockets and […]

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Laurel K-Series Multi-Pocket Heavy-Duty Currency Sorters

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