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At AMROTEC® , we specialize in supplying cutting-edge currency and coin handling equipment designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and security of world currencies. Our range of products caters to diverse needs across various industries. Their primary function is to count, sort, and process medium to high-volume cash, and other substitute currency media, such as tickets, on a daily basis. Various models are available to meet customers’ cash volume processing needs and budget.
These products find applications in bank branches, Credit Unions and community banks, various retailers, including supermarkets and groceries, gaming industry, cash-in-transit and other cash processing businesses. Their primary function is to count, sort, and process medium to high-volume cash and other substitute currency media, such as casino tickets, on a daily basis. Various models are available to meet customers’ cash volume processing needs and budget.

Further, AMROTEC® also supplies innovative high-speed coin Sorters and coin counters for financial and retails, vending business, amusement park, laundromat and car-wash businesses to process and sort medium to high-volume coins.

AMROTEC's Products are manufactured under strict supervision and guidance from AMROTEC® by reputable factories in overseas that have years of experience in excellence product design to meet quality perfection and customer's satisfaction.

Product Category

Main Market Segment


Products offering to Financial Institutions include innovative, SMART, User-Friendly and high-performance desktop Currency Discriminators (1+1 or Single stacker), Multi-Pocket Banknote Sorters and Coin Sorters designed to handle medium to high-volume cash and coin processing requirements at various Financial Institutions from Banks, Credit Unions, Community banks and so on.


Products offer to casino and gaming industry include high-performance and heavy-duty currency processing equipment having 2-Pocket to larger multi-pocket banknote Sorters having 3 to 24 pockets for Small to Large Casino cash processing operation. For Cages or Count room operation to process heavy-volume cash and barcoded tickets on a daily basis - we have it covered.


Product offering includes high-performance and impressive Medium to Heavy-Duty Currency Discriminating counters (1 - 2 Pockets) to count, discriminate and authenticate US, Canadian and world-currencies at various retail businesses (Supermarket / Groceries, Bar-Restaurants-clubs etc). Product offering also includes high-speed coin sorters.


For various law-enforcement agencies, AMROTEC® offers Currency Discriminators and Currency Sorting machines to process US currency bills featured with scanning and reading of serial numbers for their law-enforcement requirement. Various models to choose from to fit applications, need and software requirement.

patented Currency Disinfection System


AMROTEC's Patented Currency Disinfection System

"AMROTEC is Solving the Need for Bacteria Free Monies in Circulation with up to 94% of Antibacterial efficacy"

⬛ AMROTEC’s Currency Discriminators model MIB-9″UVC” and MIB-11″UVC”  are optionally equipped with AMROTEC’s Patented technology [U.S Patent # 1,1,321,988)] of using “GERMICIDAL” UV-C LEDs to Disinfect monies at the time of processing and automatic.

Scientific studies demonstrate that banknotes can spread pathogens and some of them are harmful to public health. According to a study by The Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at New York University,1 “a total of 397 bacterial species representing more than 20 bacterial phyla were identified across aggregate samples.” The study stated that “paper currency by its very nature is frequently transferred from one person to another and represents an important medium for human contact with and potential exchange of microbes.”
Citation: PLoS ONE 12(4): e0175527.

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