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Currency Discriminators 1 - 2 Pockets for FIs, Retails, Casinos

 General Descriptions:   

 ➡️ AMROTEC® Currency Discriminators are the most innovative, high-performance and user-friendly, ranges from single Stacker pocket to 2 pockets (1 stacker and 1 reject pocket for non-interrupted operation).

 ➡️  New MX-Series is built in line with technology advancement and equipped with 4.3″ to 4.8″ Touch Color Display Screen with modern user-interface. Stylus Pen is provided for easy navigation and browsing of functions and settings.  

 ➡️ Process banknotes at an impressive high speed of 1000  to 1200 per minute. Banknote Denomination Strap by qty or by pre-set amount for each denominations.

 ➡️ These desktop portable counters provide various counting modes of operation from Mix, Sort, Single, Face and Orientation as standard or TITO (Casino Tickets) or S/N reading (for Law-enforcement agencies) as upgrade Models. 

 ➡️ MIB-9 and MIB-11 models of “MIB-Series” are optionally equipped with Germicidal UV-C Disinfection system to kill (deactivate) harmful bacteria on the surface of banknotes during processing – a patented technology and method. 



3 – 5 Pockets

🔳 AMROTEC® offers innovative and advanced Banknote Sorters ranges from 3 to 5 Pockets among one pocket is used as a dedicated Reject pocket.

🔳 MIB-Series includes MIB-3000 and MIB-5000 (Medium to Heavy duty) banknote sorters designed for commercial bank branches (Merchant Tellers or Back-room), for ATM owners  / deployers as well as small size Casinos and CITs.

Ks-Series Banknote Sorting Machines from
4 to 24 Stacker pockets

🔳 Latest High-speed advanced Banknote Sorters equipped with 4 to 24 Stacker pockets and one dedicated Reject pocket designed for heavy-duty operation at Casinos, bank vaults and Cash-in-Transit (Armored Car)  companies.

🔳Manufactured in Japan by world reputable bank equipment manufacturer LAUREL, new Ks-series Sorters denominate and sort US banknotes into their designated pockets under various mode of operation, while at the same time authenticate US currencies. 

🔳 For Casino Count Room operation, K-Series is capable of processing both banknotes and barcoded tickets in one single pass and transfer results to PC software “CASHPRO” which then can be exported into Count room accounting software, such as Bally, Konami, Oasis, Aristocrat etc.  



➡️ AMROTEC’s latest Coin Sorting machines are compromising of advanced coin recognition sensors for coin recognition and with 5″ – 7″ TFT Color Touch Screen with modern User-interface. Friendly User-interface for efficient coin sorting operation into 9 or 6 different coin channels (coin bins or coin bags) at a sorting speed of 1000 coins per minute (M9 model) to 3000 coins per min (H6 Model). 

➡️ Whereas H6 model is equipped with built-in large coin hopper with belt conveyor system and capable of handling heavy-duty coin processing job at financial institutions, transit companies, and other high-volume coin processing operation, M9 model is a Rail Sorter designed for medium-duty coin sorting operation. Both models count and sort all US coins and reject foreign coins, unspecified coins and certain debris to reject coin drawer. They not only batch at present / programmable batch number or by Full-bag per Federal Reserve bank guideline, both models include detail cash management solution to display, store, print each denomination value, piece count and grand total in the memory to an external printer. 

Advanced CC-Series Coin Counters w/LCD and Value Display and YB-130A Heavy-Duty

➡️ AMROTEC®  CC-Series Desktop Electronic coin counters are the most fastest and advanced– ranges from Portable compact for small-scale (CC-01 model) to medium duty (CC-03) coin processing. Besides counting of one denomination of coins each time, coin counters are also able to sort one denomination coins from mixture coins and package them by batch while sorting. Apply to all 6 denominating of US coins. 3″ Color LCD display (CC-Series) displays 2 lines of count, batching (99999) and Value of the coins counted (one denomination each time) – latest innovation in this coin counter category. CC-Series also included with USB (software upgrade) and RS232 printer port – connectivity to an External printer to print count results. 

➡️ YB-130A is a Heavy-Duty Coin Counter and Packager with coin counting speed up to 3100 coins per min, having 12,000 coins (10c) hopper capacity. YB-130A also includes large hopper and double coin disc system for accurately feeding without coins being jammed. It includes 5 digits count display with user-friendly push-buttons operating panel. Best suitable for banks, vending, amusement parks. Government Mint and other places using high-volume coin processing.  



AMROTEC's Product Interface solutions for Financial, Retailers and Casinos

➡️ Our latest New Generation “MIB” Series Currency Discriminators are now interface with 7″ LCD Color Customer display unit to display counting results as well as model with voice guidance for virtually impaired operators. Further, MIB-Series Currency Discriminators are also interfaced with most banks teller App software through ADD-ON Interface products, such as Teller-Count, Dyna-Core, CASH-IN-EZ-Wedge etc to transfer counting results in a flash. Further, our Laurel K-Series Currency Sorters machines are interfaced with CASHPRO software to transfer currency and Ticket decoding information. For all available software interfacing solution and third party software and any integration project, please feel free to contact us. 

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