AMROTEC® Currency Discriminating Counters – “MIB-Series”



[Currently Discontinued. Replaced by latest MX-i and MX-2S Model]

“MIB-1” Model – LOW VOLUME

▶️ MIB-1 currency discriminator is a single stacker pocket, equipped with 3″ LCD TFT display. 

▶️ It denominates and process USD and world banknotes  at a speed of up to 1200 bills per minute. 

▶️ It includes MIX / SINGLE / SORT / FACE / ORIENT and COUNT mode. Certain counting modes can be removed if not required. 

▶️ It stops when it detects non-selected different denomination or different face or orientation than the first bill in SINGLE, FACE and ORIENT mode.


“MIB-9” Model – BANK GRADE 

▶️ “MIB-9” is one of the world’s smallest 2-Pocket Currency discriminator w/3″ Color TFT LCD display, having a stacker and reject pocket for non-interruption operation. 

▶️ Denominates banknotes at a speed up to 1200 NPM. USD and Canada software are included as standard. 

▶️ Includes MIX / SINGLE / SORT / FACE / ORIENT / COUNT modes. Modes can be removed and simplified.

▶️ Strap by Qty or by Amount or all Denomination Straps by $ Dollar amount (set by customers) in SINGLE and SORT modes.

▶️ Full Image scanner and IR sensor to generate highest bill recognition rate in the industry. 

▶️ Sophisticated suspect bill detectors.


“MIB-11V” is the Heavy-Duty 1+1 Pocket model w/4.3″ color Touch screen display & Stylus Pen along with buttons on the control panel. Users have both options to navigate and browse to different counting functions and settings. AMROTEC’s top of the line. 

▶️ It processes world-currencies bills in mixture in one single-pass.

▶️It includes MIX / SINGLE / SORT / FACE / ORIENT / COUNT modes. Modes can be simplified and removed.  

▶️ Process bills at a faster speed up to 1200 bills per minute (72,000 bills per hour) with highest bill recognition. 

▶️ Customize Touch display screen to Black  / White background and font color, size. 

▶️ Strap by Qty or by Amount or all Denomination Straps by $ Dollar amount (set by customers).

▶️ Dual-CIS Full Image scanning with IR pattern recognition to generate highest bill recognition rate and IR, MR-Array, MG, with Super UV detectors provide superior suspect bill detection in the industry. 

▶️ Highest-Quality components from Japan and Korea. 

▶️ Constructed for high-volume operation at Financials, Casinos and other high-volume cash processing centers.

Different Variations of MIB-11V Model


“MIB-11F” FITNESS Currency Discriminator with highest bill recognition for processing deposits, separation of denominations as well as performing FITNESS to separate UNFIT bills from FIT condition bills for strapping, recirculation or deposit to Federal Reserve Bank.

▶️ “MIB-11F” is able to sort out ATM and FED Fit quality bills from unfit bills. Best Suitable for ATM cassettes replenishment for all Banks and ATM operators or simply perform fitness for Federal Reserve Bank Deposit.

▶️ Includes MIX / SINGLE / SORT / FACE/ ORIENT / MULTI-CURRENCY / FITNESS with SUPER Counterfeit Detection.

▶️ Strap by Qty or by Amount or all Denomination Straps by $ Dollar amount (preset by customers).

AMROTEC “MIB-11VL” for Law-Enforcement Agencies (for Serial Number reading)

AMROTEC® ‘s MIB-11VL is another addition of our heavy-duty MIB-11V model and designed for for Law-Enforcement agencies. 

▶️ With Dual-CIS Image sensors, MIB-11VL  scan and read passing banknotes serial numbers  in any 4 directions (feed in front or rear side of the banknotes) at a superb speed of 1200 bills per minute

▶️ While Touch Screen display shows banknote count results, as well as serial numbers, if MIB-11VL is connected to our “SDC-100” PC software, captured Serial numbers along with counting results (denominating) are then transfer to PC software via images (Text and Jpeg format) . 

▶️ Export them into excel file to your PC or simply print if a printer (SNBC) is connected. Other than Serial number reading functions, it includes all other features as our MIB-11V model. Watch our video at the below:

AMROTEC "MIB-11VC" Model for Casino (TITO)

AMROTEC® ‘s MIB-11VC is a Special model of MIB-11V-series for mainly Casino Application equipped with special rollers and Barcode ticket processing software for Casino operators to separate tickets from banknotes in mixture. 

▶️ At the same time, process Barcode Tickets and send barcode decoding data to our MIB software “MINIVOLX”. 

▶️ Our “MINIVOLX” software also allows Export feature of all processed ticket data and Currency count results (process them separately) via separate Text files. Other than processing Tickets, it includes all other functions as our MIB-11V model. 


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