Project Cooperation

Various Projects - Cooperation
Software Interfacing, National Accounts and so on.....

Software Developer or system integrator? 

Are you interested in Cooperating with us?

AMROTEC® is seeking and ready to co-operate with software interface developer to interface our MIB-Series Currency Discriminators and Sorters as well as Laurel brand K-Series high-performance Banknote sorters (up to 12 Stacker pockets) with other bank or casino application software. 

Please contact us if you are interested in cooperating with us to direct interface any or all of AMROTEC® products to your own software for financial, retails and Casino industry. 

Products API (Application Protocol Interface) 

Products API (Application Protocol Interface) are available for software developer for the project and you will be provided all the documentation and support needed upon signing up an agreement with us. 

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