Banknote Sorters – Heavy Duty

AMROTEC® Heavy-Duty Banknote Sorters from 4 to 24 Stacker pockets - Casino and CIT Grade

Denominating, Sorting, Fitness, TITO(Casino barcoded Tickets) and Serial Scan of Banknotes (Option)

Latest Ks-Series Banknote Sorters with Sorting, Fitness, Casino Tickets

Ks- Banknote Sorters from 4 - 24 Stackers

[Discontinued Series]


AMROTEC® offers High-speed advanced Banknote Sorters equipped with 4 to 12 Stacker pockets and one dedicated Reject pocket designed for heavy-duty operation at Casinos, bank vaults and Cash-in-Transit companies.

BANKNOTE SORTERS (4 to 12 pockets w/1 reject)

💠 Maximum Efficiency and Highest Productivity for it’s class. Resulted in Years of Engineering in Japan.

💠 Superior banknote sorting or fitness at 900 banknotes per minute or 54,000 banknotes per Hour.

💠 Sort all US denomination banknotes to their assigned pockets. User can also choose 1 pocket for casino tickets.

💠 Low-Maintenance for it’s Self-sensor cleaning technology, thus low maintenance cost in the long-run.

💠 Easy Bill Jam removal from front door access.  

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