MIB-11VC Currency Discriminator w/2-Pockets, Heavy-Duty for Casino application (TITO and Banknotes processing)

MIB-11VC is a Special model for mainly Casino Barcode Ticket processing  Application equipped with special rollers and Barcode ticket processing software for Casino operators to separate tickets from banknotes in mixture and at the same time, process Barcode Tickets and send barcode decoding data to our MIB software “MINIVOLX”. Software also allows Export feature of all processed ticket data and Currency count results (process them separately) via separate Text files. “MINIVOLX” Software is sold separately.  

🔳 “MIB-11VC” is technology up to date by taking advantage of rapid advancement in mechanics and electronics design improvement along with special feeding Rollers to accurately feed Barcode Tickets without having too many rejection. 

🔳 While it is designed for large volume cash processing (denominating and sorting) up to 72,000 bills per hour, it is also capable of processing barcode tickets at the same speed.   

🔳 Featuring sophisticated DUAL-CIS Image sensors and IR-Array pattern algorithm, it provides various counting and sorting modes of operation uninterrupted with a dedicated full reject pocket while at the same time, provides superb suspect detection (SUPER DOLLAR CF bill) with the means of full-channel of IR, MR-array, and multi-channel UV.

Know The Industry

AMROTEC® - a brand with Years Of Experience In Currency Discriminators

"MIB-11VC" is the best Dual-Pocket Heavy-Duty Currency Discriminator for Casinos.

Important Features Built-in

🔳 MIB-11VC includes customization of operating modes (MIX / SINGLE / SORT/ FACE (all)/ ORIENT (all) and BAR (Barcode Ticket) and customization of Main Counting screen has never been easy. In addition, MIB-11VC Currency Discriminator for Casino model includes all counting modes from MIX / SINGLE / SORT / FACE/ ORIENT / MULTI-CURRENCY along with BARCODE Ticket Processing functionality.

🔳 Constructed with high-quality and proven components from reputable suppliers in South Korea and Japan, MIB-11VC is an engineering evolution and offers at a highly competitive pricing to end-users without compromising it’s long-term durability, highest performance whether denominating or Barcode ticket reading and decoding and superior suspect detection. 

🔳 Same as MIB-11V mode, MIB-11VC includes 4.3″ capacitive Touch Screen display with fastest response in the industry and included Stylus pen provides alternative way to navigate and browse touch screen.

Separating Banknotes or Tickets in mixture

Processing bills for their denomination and value or Casino barcoded tickets for decoding its barcoded data at up to 1200 NPM, MIB-11VC is able to send banknote counts results as well as Ticket decoding information to “MINIVOLX” software instantly. “MINIVOLX” software must be purchased separately.  

Small Foot-Print with dedicated Ticket feeding Rollers

Even smaller footprint than AMROTEC® ‘s previous generation 2-pocket discriminators, new generation heavy-duty model MIB-11VC is even compact, but equipped with special feeding Roller mechanism for smooth feeding of Thermal printed Casino Barcode Tickets and accurately to avoid unnecessary rejects.