MIB-5000 Banknote Sorter w/5-Pockets, Heavy-Duty for Cash and Casino Ticket Processing

AMROTEC®’s MIB-5000 is one of the most economical and productive in it’s class having 4 main Stacker Pockets and 1 dedicated Reject Pocket. Best Suitable for ATM cassettes replenishment for all Banks and ATM operators or simply Sort high-volume cash into 4 stacker pockets and reject the rest or perform fitness sorting for Federal Reserve Bank Deposit or ATM or recirculation.

🔳 It processes world-currencies in ONE SINGLE-PASS if they are in mixture and sort them into separate stacker pockets.  

🔳 “MIB-5000” is technology up to date by taking advantage of rapid advancement in mechanics and electronics design improvement along with mechanical Fitness mechanism. 

🔳 While it is designed for medium to large volume cash processing (denominating and sorting) up to 60,000 bills per hour, it is also capable of separating circulated banknotes by ATM or FED Quality in separate stacker pockets.  

🔳 Featuring sophisticated DUAL-CIS Image sensors and IR-Array pattern algorithm, it provides various counting and sorting modes of operation uninterrupted with a dedicated full reject pocket while at the same time, provides superb suspect detection (SUPER DOLLAR CF bill) with the means of full-channel of IR, MR-array, and multi-channel UV.

Know The Industry

AMROTEC® - a brand with Years Of Experience In Currency Discriminators

Important Features Built-in

🔳 AMROTEC®  MIB-5000 Banknote Sorter is equipped with 4 full-Stackers (for denominating Sorting, Fitness, TITO) and 1 Reject pocket for reject (non-denominated) or unspecified banknotes. MIB-5000 allows banknotes denominating and sorting of various pattern, sorting of selected denomination to designated stacker pockets or perform facing and orientation, as well as fitness sorting for various fitness Criteria of USD banknotes.  MIB-5000 Banknote Sorter includes various  counting mode of operation from MIX / SORT / DISPENSE / FACE/ ORIENT / MULTI-CURRENCY along with FITNESS functionality for ATM or FED (FED Fitness Sorting  Standard 2008) and BARCODE.

🔳 Constructed with high-quality and proven components from reputable suppliers in South Korea and Japan, MIB-5000 is an engineering evolution and offers at a highly competitive pricing to end-users without compromising it’s long-term durability, highest performance whether denominating or Fitness Sorting and detecting super counterfeit bills. Patented Rotatable wheels at the bottom of the MIB-5000 makes it easier to turn around during jam bill removal or servicing – makes it “unique” and more “User-friendly” than competitors

🔳 MIB-5000 includes 5″ capacitive Touch Screen color display with fastest response in the industry and can be detachable for user’s convenience.  


Processing bills at up to 1000 NPM in Fitness sorting mode, MIB-5000 is able to sort out bills following on Standard set by Federal Reserve Bank 2008 Release pertaining to fitness criteria’s (such as Soil, Dog-Ear, Holes, Fold, Tape, Oil-Strain, and so on).

High-Speed Banknotes and Casino Ticket processing

The MIB-5000 is able to process, denominates and sorts banknotes in mixture with Casino Tickets at a remarkable high speed of 1000 per minutes  while scanning and decoding barcoded tickets. This is an optional feature. If AMROTEC’s “MINIVOLX” software is purchased and connected with MIB-3000, then, “MINIVOLX” PC software will capture banknote counting results as well as Casino Tickets barcode decoding information which can exported. Watch a video below:


MIB-5000 Banknote Sorter – a revolutionary transformation, equipped with many useful features that are not found in competitive machines in its class. The below are just few useful and unique features of “MIB-5000” 


Choose From Various Counting Operation


Choose your preferred Fitness levels

Select Denomination or Fitness type

Select Your Designated Pockets


Able to Catch SUPER CF Dollar bills


Easy to Turn for Jam removal / Servicing


Open access to bill path from side and rear