Currency Discriminators

MIB-11F Currency Fitness Discriminator – Dual Pockets

AMROTEC®’s “MIB-11F” is one of the best ALL-IN-ONE Fitness Discriminator counter having one main Stacker pocket and one dedicated Reject pocket to process deposits with bad conditions banknotes and then, separate denomination before performing FITNESS […]

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MIB-11VL Currency Discriminator 2 Pockets, w/Banknote Serial number scanning by Dual-CIS Scanner

“MIB-11VC” FOR LAW-ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES. “MIB-11VL” – The best Dual Scanner Discriminator for Serial number Scanning. AMROTEC® ‘s MIB-11VL is another addition of our heavy-duty MIB-11V model and designed for for Law-Enforcement agencies, having capability to […]

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MIB-11VC Currency Discriminator w/2-Pockets, Heavy-Duty for Casino application (TITO and Banknotes processing)

MIB-11VC is a Special model for mainly Casino Barcode Ticket processing  Application equipped with special rollers and Barcode ticket processing software for Casino operators to separate tickets from banknotes in mixture and at the same […]

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MIB-1 Mix Bill Value Counter – Single Stacker, High-Speed with USD+CAD

“MIB-1” IS A SINGLE STACKER CURRENCY DISCRIMINATOR. “MIB-1” is the best replacement for expensive piece note counters out there. AMROTEC® ‘s MIB-1 is designed to successfully and accurately denominate and discriminate USD and world banknotes (USD […]

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MIB-9, The World’s Smallest 2-Pocket Currency Discriminator (USD+CAD)

“MIB-9” is the Smallest Dual Pocket Currency Discriminator in world market today! AMROTEC’s new-generation model “MiB-9” is one of the world’s smallest 2-Pocket Currency discriminator with a full Stacker and dedicated 100 bills reject pocket. […]

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“MIB-11V” Currency Discriminator w/2 Pockets & 4.3″ Touch Screen w/Stylus Pen (USD+CAD) – Heavy-Duty

AMROTEC®’s New-Generation “MIB-11V” Currency Discriminator 2-Pocket model brings in Revolutionary Transformation to Desktop Cash Processing and sets a new standard in the marketplace. 🔳 It processes world-currencies in ONE SINGLE-PASS if they are in mixture. […]

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