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AMROTEC® releases new series of technology up-to-date and Advanced Currency Discriminators starting with 2 pocket model “MiB-11V” which is an addition to AMROTEC’s most popular heavy-duty model X-1000. 

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Latest “MiB-11V” Revolutionary Heavy Duty Currency Discriminator w/2 Pockets & Touch Screen (2019 Series)

AMROTEC® attends FED’S Group dealers meeting in Buffalo, New Jersey on Sep 14, 2018, exhibiting few new products to FED’s Group members. 

AMROTEC® Released it’s most up-to-date Website: 

Dealer Site remains intact and Login and password is required for access. Your ID and password remains same as before for the new website. Contact us if you need assistance.  

AMROTEC® exhibited at National Indian Gaming Expo held in Las Vegas Convention Center from April 17-20. 

AMROTEC launched new version of popular and heavy-duty Currency Discriminator model X-1000 with maximum speed of 1,200 bills per minute or 72,000 bills per hour. 

AMROTEC ® Launched re-designed new Catalogue for all X-Series Currency Discriminators. All new catalogues are posted on this new website for download under >Catalogue. 

AMROTEC® released new software patch for our popular & Compact model X-1 having 1.5 pocket Currency Discriminator with selectable 3-Speed configuration and up to 1000 bills per minute at highest speed. 

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Laurel K-12 Large Banknote Sorter

AMROTEC® K-12 heavy-duty Currency Sorter to process banknotes and Casino tickets having 12 stackers designed for Financial, CIT and Casino Industry. Manufactured in Japan by world reputable bank equipment manufacturer Laurel, K-12 is equipped with  12 pockets and

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