Retail Market Segment

cURRENCY dISCRIMINATORS AND coin processing equipment 


For Retail Market segment, AMROTEC® has been offering most innovative, high-performance and impressive Medium to Heavy-Duty Currency Discriminating counters from Single Stacker to 2 Pockets (1 Stacker and 1 dedicated Reject pocket) to count, discriminate and authenticate US, Canadian and world-currencies. Best applicable to small to high-volume cash processing need at various retail businesses from groceries, super-market chains, currency exchange centers, restaurants-bar-night clubs, amusement parks, carwash and vending, amusement parks, Cannabis growers and dispensaries and other smaller gaming avenues. 

Further, AMROTEC® provides Coin processing Equipment (Coin Counters and packager) to count and sort coins (Coin Sorters) to bags or coin rolls at the point of sales to back cash office to handle medium volume coin processing need at various retail market segment, such as retail chains (super-market and grocery stores), carwash, and vending operations. 

While AMROTEC®’s “MIB-Series” models provide various counting operation at a high-speed up to 1200 notes per minute and functions includes MIX, SINGLE (Separation), SORT, FACE and ORINT. MIB-series “SORT” function is specially designed to quickly count and Sort deposits that include “Organized Strapped” banknotes bundles taken out from each cash register drawers and within quickest possible time; provide users and customers the counting results and print report if printer is connected. While many world-currencies software can be added to our MIB-series, AMROTEC® provides USA and Canadian currency software as Standard in all machines.  

“MIB” Series Currency Discriminators     (1 – 2 Pockets)

Banknote Sorters  (Medium-duty)

Coin Sorting Machines (Medium-High speed) 

Coin Counting and Packager 


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