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Law Enforcement Agencies

AMROTEC® offers special Currency Discriminators and Sorters for Law-enforcement agencies. Currency Discriminator counters and sorters with 2 pockets up to 5 pockets can be used by Law-Enforcement Agencies to process banknotes denomination counts and at the same time, capture of serial number for each and every passing banknotes feed in either sides. While AMROTEC® offers three different models for this application, MIB-11V model with 2-pocket discriminator proves to be the most convenient due to it’s smaller footprint and it’s affordability. 

MIB-11VL(Law Enforcement) Special Model for processing Banknote Serial number

MIB-11VL model can be equipped with Banknote Serial number scanning mode to scan and capture serial number of every passing banknotes (from either sides due to having DUAL-Scanners) by OCR means and send data to our specialized software “SDC-100” in the form of Image and Text, export them into excel file to your PC or simply print if a printer (SNBC) is connected.

Operators at Law Enforcement agencies are able to process their cash at a speed of 1200 notes per minute and send count results and serial number data of every counted banknotes to the software which can be searched later on within the software database created by the users. Software is also able to identify black-list (lets say serial number for suspect bills if entered in advanced and saved into the software database) or duplication. Request for video demonstration

Screen shots from PC software "SDC-100" (Copyrighted Materials)

Desktop Currency Discriminators from 2 Pockets ~ 5 Pockets