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High-Speed Currency Discriminator (1 – 2 Pockets)

AMROTEC® offers high-performance, High-Speed (Up to 1200 Notes Per Minute) and medium to heavy-duty Currency Discriminating counters with 2-Pockets (non-interrupted operation) suitable for front desk operation at commercial bank branches, regional or community or Credit Unions to denominate value of mixture banknotes or do separation or Strapping or Face / Orientation of Banknotes. Please visit our Currency Discriminator page to read more.  

Banknote Sorter (3 - 5 Pockets) & Compact, MIB-3000 / 5000

Best applicable for back-room operation where Medium volume cash processing takes place on daily or weekly basis.   AMROTEC®’s New Generation “MIB-Series” desktop Sorters MIB-3000 (2+1 Pockets) or MIB-5000 (4+1 Pockets) Banknote sorters are reliable, durable, and efficiently design with compact foot-print to handle at least medium volume Banknote processing need with or without Fitness at a high-speed up to 1000 banknotes per minute.  



Latest Ks-series Heavy-Duty banknote sorters are built with years of engineering and development for Bank Vault or CIT operation. World reputable manufacturer, LAUREL was able to refine K-Series as compact as possible with high speed at 1200 BPM Bank Note processing whether sorting or sorting with fitness or face / orientation with capability to choose different sorting patterns and pocket configuration. User-friendly Design Comparing with other multi-Pocket banknote sorting machines in the market for its class, Ks-Series are physically the smallest Banknote Sorting Machines from 4 to 24 pockets. Due to the efficient size of all Ks-series model, one single operator is sufficient to operate and use the machine on a daily basis.

Banknote Sorters Medium-Duty 
(3 – 5 Pockets) 

Banknote Sorters Heavy-Duty

(4 – 24 Pockets w/1 Reject)

Coin Processing Equipment (Coin Sorters, Coin Counters)


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