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Financial Industry Segment


Since 2003, AMROTEC® has been offering most innovative, SMART, User-Friendly, high-performance and impressive Currency Discriminators, currency Sorting and Coin processing Equipment designed to handle medium to heavy-duty volume requirements to count, sort and authenticate Currency at financial institutions including commercial banks, credit-unions and community banks. Various models to choose from depending on your budget and need. 

Check out AMROTEC®’s new generation “MIB-Series” Currency Discriminator models ranges from Single-Stacker pocket to 2-pockets (1 Stacker and 1 Dedicated Reject Pocket for non-stopping operation) equipped with high-speed, Multi-currencies processing feature (MIB-1, MIB-11 models), various counting functions (MIX / SINGLE / SORT/ FACE/ ORIENT) as well as most innovative friendly  User-Interface for operators to process their deposits efficiently. All MIB-Series models include USA and Canadian currencies software as standard. “MIB-11F” particularly designed to perform Fitness Sorting functionality and separate ATM quality of banknotes for ATM owners to Replenish of their ATM cash Drawers.  

Our Currency Sorting machines are produced by world-famous Japanese Manufacturer, Laurel and ranges from 3 Stackers up to 12 pockets with a dedicated Reject Pockets and efficiently denominate, count, sort as well as perform Fitness sorting according to Federal Reserve Bank Fitness sorting guideline.

Check out our high-performance medium to Heavy-duty Coin processing Equipment (Coin Sorters) to count and sort coins with full-bag capacity [per Federal Reserve Bank guideline for full-bag bags] at credit unions, medium to large retail chains, super-market, grocery stores, transportation companies, cash-wash and vending operations. Various models to choose from depending on your budget and need. All products are Certified by various certified agencies, such as FCC and CE labs and manufactured under highest quality standard and quality-control.  Check out our Coin processing products at their respective pages. 

Desktop  Currency Discriminators
Currency Sorters Medium-Duty & Heavy-Duty
Coin Processing Equipment

Desktop Currency Discriminators from Single to 2 Pockets

Banknote Sorters Multi-pockets (3 Pockets to 12 Pockets with Reject Pocket) - designed for Medium to Heavy-duty operation