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Casino & Gaming Segment

AMROTEC® has been offering high-performance and heavy-duty cash processing equipment ranges from Currency Discriminator counters from single to 2 pocket for your cage through back office to stores located inside of venue to larger multi-pocket banknote Sorters ranges from 3 pockets to 12 pockets for your cash room to process heavy-volume cash and barcoded tickets on a daily basis.  Check out AMROTEC®’s latest offering of Currency Sorting machines ranges from 2 pockets up to 12 pockets to process currency and barcoded tickets in one-pass connected with number of casino software stand-alone.  


AMROTEC® not only offers it’s most sophisticated advanced desktop Currency Discriminator counters and sorter from 2 to 3 pockets for front cashiers or cages, AMROTEC® in collaboration with world-known bank equipment manufacturer, Laurel from Japan offers up to 12 pocket K-Series currency processing solutions for Cash-in-Transit companies, cash centers at Financials and Casinos of Medium to large size, for reliable and efficient banknote and barcode Ticket processing need. All high-tech Validator JDU-62, which is the result of LAUREL’s long experience in cash handling manufacturing standard. The K-series meets ECB and Federal Reserve Fitness sorting guideline. Further, all K-series banknote sorters are equipped with newly developed IR/MG/MT sensors, enhancing Authenticating (CF) Detection.

Revolutionary Transformation to Desktop Currency Processing!

AMROTEC® released it’s next-generation Heavy-Duty model MiB-11V Currency Discriminator 2 Pocket model (1 Stacker & Full Reject Pocket) – which brings in Revolutionary Transformation to Desktop Cash Processing and sets a new standard in the market place. “MiB-11V” is  technology up-to-date by taking advantage of rapid advancement in mechanical and electronics design improvement. While it is designed for large volume cash processing up to 72,000 bills per hour, it is equipped with smaller foot-print desired by most financial institutions, casinos and retails. Featuring sophisticated Dual-Sensors image processing technology, it provides various counting and sorting mode of operation uninterrupted with a dedicated full reject pocket while at the same time, provides superb suspect detection.

K-3 Banknote Sorter w/3 main Stackers & 1 Reject -Bank and Casino Grade

Laurel’s K-3 model with 3 stacker pockets and 1 dedicated reject is the latest, most advanced and the fastest sorter in the group, featuring enhanced and reliable bill recognition, authentication & banknote and ticket sorting ability. Built with wide-range of counterfeit detection capabilities, K-3 stops counterfeits by using the most advanced counterfeit detection technology in the industry. 

Three-pocket design assists user to process mixture of barcoded tickets with banknotes in one-single-pass. K-3 is able to satisfy the growing demand for more efficient cash and Ticket management.


TC-5500 Bundle / Strap Counting Machine – Desktop 
AMROTEC®  TC-5500 Desk-top Bundle / Strap Note counter provides high-function, heavy-duty, horizontal feed spindle counter for processing strapped or unstrapped currency. This model developed with top priority given to cost while retaining high-quality, reliability and accuracy. All that is required is to place the strapped or loose banknotes in the holder and machine does the rest. CE, FCC, TUV, DNV approved. 
Having counitng speed of 1500 notes per min or 100 notes per 4 sec., TC-5500 provides various operation modes including Count, Add, Batch, Check, Preset, Free, Acc, Alarm Mode.  UV counterfeit detection (optional) for detecting suspect bills on the strap during counting. 

AMROTEC® Solution for Casino or CIT Cash Room Operation

AMROTEC® offers heavy-duty K-Series Currency Sorters to process banknotes and Casino tickets ranges from 4 stackers upto 12 stackers designed for Casino Industry. Manufactured in Japan by world reputable bank equipment manufacturer Laurel, K-Series are equipped with either 4 pockets or 8 pockets or 12 pockets and with a dedicated Reject pocket to count, sort , fitness, and authenticate US currencies as well as processing of Casino bar-coded tickets to a specially configured PC software “CASHPRO”. 

For years of engineering  and development, Laurel was able to refined K-Series a