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Casino & Gaming Segment

AMROTEC® has been offering high-performance and heavy-duty cash processing equipment ranges from Currency Discriminator counters with 2 pocket for Casino cages to larger multi-pocket banknote Sorters ranges from 3 pockets to 12 pockets for casino back cash room operation to process heavy-volume cash and barcoded tickets on a daily basis. 

Best applicable to Casinos of Medium to large size, AMROTEC®’s New General “MIB-Series” Currency Discriminators and Desktop Sorters (2+1 Pocket or 4+1 Pocket sorters) are reliable, durable, and efficiently design with compact foot-print to handle medium to high-volume banknote and/or barcode Ticket processing need at a high-speed. 

 AMROTEC®’s offering of Japan Made “K-Series” models by Laurel are equipped with 3+1 or 4+1 or 8+1 pockets or 12+1 pockets to count, sort , fitness, and authenticate US currencies as well as processing of Casino bar-coded tickets and transfer decoding information to a specially configured PC software “CASHPRO” by a third-party software developer. All high-tech Validator JDU-62, of K-Series Sorters  are result of LAUREL’s long experience in cash handling manufacturing standard for K-Series Banknote Sorters. The K-series meets ECB and Federal Reserve Fitness sorting guideline. Further, all K-series banknote sorters are equipped with newly developed IR/MG/MT sensors, enhancing Authenticating (CF) Detection. 

For years of engineering  and development, Laurel was able to refined K-Series as compact as possible with high speed at 900 BPM Bank Note processing. User-friendly Design Comparing with other Multi-Pocket banknote sorting machines, K-Series are physically the smallest Note Sorting Machines from 3 to 12 pockets. Due to the efficient size of all K-series model, one single operator is sufficient to operate and use the machine on a daily basis. In addition, the hopper position has been set up at almost the surface of the desk to prevent operator’s work-stress or burden.  

Desktop Currency Discriminators from 2 Pockets ~ 5 Pockets

Banknote Sorters – Multi pockets (3 Pockets to 12 Pockets with Reject Pocket) - designed for Heavy-duty operation at Casinos, Vaults and CITs

K-12 Banknote Sorter
Laurel Brand HEAVY-DUTY K-12 model Banknote Sorters includes 12 sorting pocket, and 1 reject. It provide banknote and Casino Ticket sorting, Discriminating, value, fitness functionality, and casino barcode decoding functionality.Best suitable for Large volume operation
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