Laurel K-Series Large Banknote Sorters 4 – 12 Stackers, Heavy-duty (Vault, Casino, CITs)

🔳 AMROTEC® offers High-speed advanced Banknote Sorters equipped with 4 to 12 Stacker pockets and one dedicated Reject pocket designed for heavy-duty operation at Casinos, bank vaults and Cash-in-Transit companies.

🔳 Manufactured in Japan by world reputable bank equipment manufacturer Laurel, K-series Sorters denominate and sort US banknotes into their designated pockets under various mode of operation, at the same time, authenticate US currencies. 

🔳 Best suitable for processing and Sorting of high-volume of mixture of US banknotes denominations to either 6 Stackers or select dual stackers (for 12 pockets) for highly concentrated denomination (use for over-flow or facing / orientation). Operators can specify denomination by pocket configuration from menu. Users can also configure various Stacker pockets for ATM, FIT and UNFIT quality banknotes following Federal Reserve Bank Fitness Sorting guideline and Criteria (for Soil, Dog-Ear, holes, fold, Tape, oil-stain etc).

Know The Industry

AMROTEC® - a brand with Years Of Experience In Cash & Coin Handling Equipment

Important Features Built-in

🔳 K-Series Banknote Sorters with Fitness capability and barcode ticket processing as standard, are equipped with improved hardware to process bills at a faster speed up to 900 bills per minute or up to 54,000 bills per hour with highest recognition,  sorting, Ticket processing, Fitness Sorting and detection of super CF bill detection. K-Series includes various counting modes from MIX / SORT / FACE/ ORIENT / FITNESS / TITO.

🔳 Constructed with high-quality and proven components from reputable suppliers mainly from Japan, Laurel’s K-4, K-8 and K-12 are  Robust and Heavy-duty and offers at a highly competitive pricing for its Heavy-duty class to end-users without compromising it’s long-term durability, highest performance whether denominating or Fitness Sorting or Ticket processing and detecting super counterfeit bills. Best suitable for Bank Vaults or Casino application or for CIT companies

🔳 5.7″ Color Touch LCD Display indicates counting conditions graphically as well as displays all Functions and Menu items with clear visibility to operators.


Processing bills at up to 900 NPM in Fitness sorting mode, K-Series is able to sort out bills following on Standard set by Federal Reserve Bank 2008 Release pertaining to fitness criteria’s (such as Soil, Dog-Ear, Holes, Fold, Tape, Oil-Strain, and so on).

High-Speed Banknotes and Casino Ticket processing

The K-Series is able to process, denominates and sorts banknotes in mixture with Casino Tickets at a remarkable high speed of 900 per minute; while scanning and decoding barcoded tickets. If “CASHPRO” software (Third party software provider) is purchased and connected with K-8 model, then, “CASHPRO” PC software will capture banknote counting results as well as Casino Tickets barcode decoding information which can exported. Watch a video below:

Watch a video below:


K-SERIES Banknote Sorters – a revolutionary transformation for compactness, equipped with many useful features that are not found in competitive machines in its class. The below are just few useful and unique features of “K-Series” 


easy Operations Modes on the Control Panel


Having 200 bills Reject pocket eliminates having 2


vibration feed rollers at feeder for better feeding


Able to Catch SUPER CF Dollar bills


Advanced and Technology up to date Bill Validator


Front access for easy jam removal and maintenance

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