LAUREL K-4 Banknote Sorter with 4 Stackers and 1 Reject (Heavy-Duty)


FOR COMMERCIAL BANK BRANCHES, ATM DEPLOYERS, casinos (sorting / fitness / barcode ticket processing)


Performance at a glance

💠 Constructed to process high-volume cash at Casino Count room, or bank vaults or Cash-in-transit operators.  

💠 Maximum Efficiency and Highest Productivity for it’s class. 

💠 Superior banknote sorting or fitness at 900 banknotes per minute.

💠 Sort mixture banknotes to 4-Pockets assigning highly concentrated denominations and reject the rest. Choice to select 1 pocket for tickets.   

💠Stacker pocket assignment is easy to set up right at the menu.

💠5.7″ TFT Color Touch Display for clear visibility and easy navigation of menu.

💠Low-Maintenance for it’s Self-sensor cleaning technology.

💠Easy Bill Jam removal from front door access.  

➡️ Years of Perfection by Japanese Engineer, K-4 is constructed with State-of-the-Art and high-quality components from reputable suppliers to increase its overall performance and longevity. 

➡️ With advanced Fitness roller and tape detection Mechanism added with reliable Dual-CIS image sensors and IR Sensing algorithm, K-4  delivers cutting edge solution to Casino Count room operation or to cash center at Banks & CITs. Use as a backup or next to large banknote sorters. 

➡️ Robust K-4, an engineering evolution, offers at a highly competitive pricing to end-users without compromising it’s long-term durability and highest performance. 

 them all.  

Main Features:

Enhanced bill feeder and 200 reject pocket

By adding the Vibration Roller to the current Feeder and Feeding mechanism, the K-4 can feed banknotes in various conditions and smoothly and with higher stability. The enhanced New Feeder system will reduce jam or non-recognition of banknotes, thus increase productivity.
Other than improved feeding system, the K-4 and series increased reject pocket capacity to 200 bills whereas typically it is set as 100 in many of our ompetitors. The condition of the Reject Pocket is indicated by an LED illumination for the operator to perceive whether it is full or a banknote remaining to prevent counting errors.

easy user / service maintenance:

The K-4 is equipped with the self-cleaning function of sensors and requires minimum maintenance to maintain high performance over a long period of time. Further, it is equipped with Dual dust trays to facilitate easy daily required maintenance. With front door access, trained operator or service personal are able to perform daily /quarterly cleaning and maintenance of almost every components of the machine including Belts, gear, rollers, sensors and other components essential for high-performance.

5.7" Touch Display & ergonomic layout

5.7" Color Touch LCD Display indicates counting conditions graphically as well as displays all Functions and Menu items with clear visibility to operators. The Note hopper position has been set up almost at the surface level of the operator's desk. All Stacker pockets and LCD Display located in front of operator's eyes for easy access and removal of banknotes easily. This layout reduces physical body harm to operators and increase productivity.


K-4 model uses advanced generation Bill validator JDU-65 for accurate Bill recognition, Fitness Sorting as well as Suspect detection and Barcode Ticket processing function. Bill validator includes Dual CIS Image processing sensors and algorithm and using of IR-Array Pattern recognition generate highest and unparalleled bill-recognition in the industry. CIS, Multi-Channel MR(Magneto-resistive)-Array and 4 UV sensors provide detection of highly sophisticated Super Counterfeit bills.

HIGH-speed banknote processing

Using of advanced Bill Validator, K-4 can process, denominate and sort banknotes at a remarkable high-speed of 900 bills for a multi-pocket banknote sorter having longer bill-path and even while performing Casino barcode tickets decoding or FITNESS sorting or reading Banknote Serial number (Optional feature).

Various Operation customization

The K-4 includes SORTING FUNCTIONALITY compasses of Denomination, Fitness, ATM / FED fit, Face or Orientation, Tickets and banknote issue sorting. Various customization of pocket and denomination configuration can be done simply whether sorting of any 4 denominations to any Stacker pockets or select their specific Stacker pockets and so on. Initialization process is very fast and each Stacker is illuminated indicative of a full-stacker and type of banknotes by different colors. Operator will immediately know which stacker pocket is full or what type of banknote is delivering to which stacker pocket.

High-speed banknote and Casino Ticket processing

The K-4 is able to process, denominates and sorts banknotes in mixture with Casino Tickets at a remarkable high speed of 900 per minutes  while scanning and decoding barcoded tickets. If "CASHPRO" software (Third party software provider) is purchased and connected with K-4 model, then, "CASHPRO" PC software will capture banknote counting results as well as Casino Tickets barcode decoding information which then can be exported to your count room accounting software. Watch a video below: