Banknote Sorter

MIB-3000 Banknote Sorter w/2 +1 Pockets, Compact

“MIB-3000” is the Economical and Compact 2+1 Banknote Sorter out there. AMROTEC®’s MIB-3000 Banknote Sorter is the smallest and compact having 2 main Stackers and 1 Reject, Best Suitable for Sorting mixture bills or ATM […]

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MIB-5000 Banknote Sorter w/5-Pockets, Heavy-Duty for Cash and Casino Ticket Processing

“MIB-5000” Banknote Sorter is most Innovative. “MIB-5000” is the most economical and productive 4+1 banknote sorter out there. AMROTEC®’s MIB-5000 is one of the most economical and productive in it’s class having 4 main Stacker […]

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Laurel K-Series Large Banknote Sorters 4 – 12 Stackers, Heavy-duty (Vault, Casino, CITs)

“K-Series” – The Heavy-Duty Banknote Sorters from LAUREL, JAPAN. ? AMROTEC® offers High-speed advanced Banknote Sorters equipped with 4 to 12 Stacker pockets and one dedicated Reject pocket designed for heavy-duty operation at Casinos, bank […]

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