AMROTEC® MIB-3000 Banknote Sorter with 2 Stackers and 1 Reject (Bank Grade)

"MIB-3000" Banknote Sorter w/2 Stacker, 1 Reject

FOR COMMERCIAL BANK BRANCHES, ATM DEPLOYERS, SMALL CASINOS (sorting / fitness / barcode ticket processing)

MIB-3000, a 2+1 Compact Banknote Sorter for various applications

Performance at a glance

  • Constructed to process medium volume of world-currencies in one-pass
  • Remarkable Fast banknote sorting at 1,000 banknotes per minute
  • Sort 2 denominations of banknotes or Tickets to 2 pockets or use one pocket for over-flow of highly concentrated denomination.
  • Patented Rotary wheels at the bottom facilitates easy turn-around during jam removal or service maintenance. 
  • 5″ Touch Screen for clear visibility and easy navigation
  • Easy Bill Jam removal from side, and rear door. 
  • Dust tray provided for accumulation of dust from operation. 

➡️ Constructed with high-quality and proven components from reputable suppliers in South Korea and Japan to increase its overall performance and longevity. 

➡️ With advanced Fitness roller and tape detection Mechanism added with reliable Dual-CIS image sensors and IR Sensing algorithm, MIB-3000 provides cutting edge solution to bank merchant tellers or smaller casinos or ATM deployer. 

➡️ MIB-3000 is an engineering evolution and offers at a highly competitive pricing to end-users without compromising it’s long-term durability, highest performance. 

➡️ Whether denomination sorting or Fitness Sorting or processing Casino Tickets or fir highly sophisticated counterfeit bill detection – it covered them all.  

"Proven with Track Record for your medium to high-volume operation!"

Main Features:

Smaller footprint w/fitness mechanism

MIB-3000 is the world's smallest 3 Pockets (2 Stackers, 1 Reject) Banknote Sorter today. Within it's compact structure, MIB-3000 is equipped with sophisticated Bill recognition / Validator unit and mechanism and software for sorting of world-currencies in mixture as well as Fitness detector and mechanism to able to sort out unfit bills from Fit banknotes as per customer's requirement.

Bill Recognition and suspect detection:

Dual-CIS Image Processing Sensors and IR-Array Pattern recognition Algorithm generate highest and unparalleled bill-recognition in the industry. Long IR-array sensor, Multi-Channel MR(Magneto-resistive)-Array and 4 UV sensors provide detection of highly sophisticated Super Counterfeit bills.

User-Friendly 5" Touch control panel

Using of User-Friendly 5" Color Touch-Screen (800 x 480 Pixel) and push-button control panel, users now can customize various features to customer's preference. User can turn off any modes that are not needed or customize their define mode for Sorting or Fitness Sorting to pocket configuration. Various customization can be done under DIFINE model to customer's preferences and use those preferred features by pressing one single button.

High-speed banknote and Casino Ticket processing

The MIB-3000 is able to process, denominates and sorts banknotes in mixture with Casino Tickets at a remarkable high speed of 1000 per minutes  while scanning and decoding barcoded tickets. This is an optional feature. If AMROTEC's "MINIVOLX" software is purchased and connected with MIB-3000, then, "MINIVOLX" PC software will capture banknote counting results as well as Casino Tickets barcode decoding information which can exported. Watch a video below:


No. of Pockets2+1 (2 Stacker and 1 Reject)
Hopper Capacity700 Banknotes (approx.)  
Stacker Capacity200 Banknotes (circulated)
Reject100 Banknotes (circulated)
DENOMINATING / SORTING1000 Notes Per Min. or 60,000 bill per hour 
Fitness sorting800 Notes Per Min.  
Serial number read (op.)800Notes Per Min. (Optional feature), Dual CIS-sensor, reading all 4 sides 
BILL / fitness  SENSORDual-CIS (Contact Image Sensor), IR-Sensor and Thickness/Tape Detector
Counterfeit / suspect 2 CIS (Visible and IR), MR-Array (magneto-resistive), MG and Multi-Channel UV sensors
Currency USD standard. Up to 12 currencies can be loaded to MIB-3000 at one time. 
Currency capacityAvailable world currencies 40+ (additional currency SW sold separately)
Banknote size and thicknessW: 100 ~ 185; H: 50 – 90mm and Thickness: 0.07 ~ 0.12mm

3 RS232C Port(9 Pin D-SUB &  2 Modular Jack),

2 USB(Type A & Type B),

LAN, Micro SD

Dimension(W/H/D), WEIGHT (lbs)11.3″ (286mm) x 13.8″ (347mm  x 12.4″  (319mm);  Net Weight: 36.9lbs (18Kgs)
DISPLAY Screen5″ Touch Display (800 x 480 Pixel)
Options & Special FeaturesBarcode Ticket processing, “MINIVOLX” Casino application software, Multi-currencies software, Serial Number S/N software. 

*Specifications are subject to change without further notice.