MIB-1 Mix Bill Value Counter – Single Stacker, High-Speed with USD+CAD


"MIB-1" is the best replacement for expensive piece note counters out there.

AMROTEC® ‘s MIB-1 is designed to successfully and accurately denominate and discriminate USD and world banknotes (USD and Canada currency software is Standard in all machines) in one single-pass on the fly. 

It provides value count in MIX (USD or in mixture of world currencies) or separate in SINGLE or SORT mode (Retail Cash drawer strap counts) while ability to Face and Orientation of banknotes at a speed of 72,000 banknotes per hour. 

Having only Single Pocket, MIB-1 stops when it finds non-selected different denomination or different face or orientation than the first bill in SINGLE, FACE and ORIENT mode.

🔳 MIB-1 is equipped with Full Image scanning capability with CIS image and IR sensor to generate highest bill recognition rate and includes suspect detectors, such as IR, MR (Magneto-resistive / Magnetic) and UV detector.

🔳 Smart & most comprehensive user-friendly functions provides simplicity of operation at front bank tellers at small bank branches and smaller retail businesses. Best suitable for uses of anywhere from small volume cash processing up to $ 500,000 banknote in valuation a year as highest capacity for its Medium-duty ratings. 

Know The Industry

AMROTEC® - brand with Years Of Experience In Currency Discriminators

Ergonomic design and constructions:

🔳 With it’s dark grey color strong exterior body construction, an ergonomic design with 3″ large color TFT LCD with rear access, and in addition of components from reputation suppliers with strict quality control, MIB-1 provides users trouble-free operation at a speed up to 1200 bills per minute with suspect detection on. 

User-friendliness and Noise Reduction Aspect

🔳 While “MIB-1” includes most SIMPLE user-friendly operating interface with various modes of operation, it also includes some important features that stands out among many of our close competitors in the market place, such as Denomination batch setting by Qty and Multi-currencies value counting in one single-pass on the fly. USD and Canada software is standard in all MIB-1.

🔳 Noise Reduction aspect:  Even counting speed at 1200 bills per/minute and 1 meter away from machine, MIB-1 measured to have low-noise and perhaps one of the most quietest Single-Stacker Currency Discriminator in the market!

Small Foot-Print and Compact

🔳 Foot-Print aspect: Due to limited space at bank tellers desk, smaller footprint of a desktop equipment is always been the desire. While developing MIB-1 model, serious consideration was given to smaller footprint while not compromising overall performance and quality. MiB-1 indeed is shorter in height and Depth and smallest compare to any other Single Pocket discriminator within it’s category of medium-duty range. 

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