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AMROTEC® MIB-1 Currency Discriminator – Single Stacker – Multi currencies

"MIB-1" Mix Bill Value Counter or Currency Discriminator with Single Stacker, High-Speed

MIB-1 processes USD and Canadian Banknotes in mixture and in a SINGLE-PASS
“MIB-1” Mix bill Value Counter or Currency Discriminator with Single Stacker – processes world-currencies in mixture in one-single-pass! 

AMROTEC®’s new model “MIB-1” is an advanced, Technology up-to-date and high-speed Single Stacker Currency Discriminating Counter or Mixed Bill Value Counter with capability of banknote recognition, denomination detection, value counting at a high-speed up to 1200 Notes Per/min and suspect detection functions. It is equipped with 3.5″ TFT LCD Display, and user-friendly functions necessary for low to medium volume tellers and retail cashiers to process their daily task – a potential replacement of High-cost brand name Piece Counters in the market place today.

The most unique feature of our MIB-1 model is the ability to process world-currencies, such as USD and Canadian as standard (if additional software are purchased) process in mixture and in a SINGLE-PASS and provide you with piece and total denomination counts in a print out. 

Further, our MIB-1 model is equipped with few innovative hardware, particularly CIS Image sensor for denomination Recognition and advanced CF detectors as well as Smart user-interface for users, such as:

  1. MIB-1 is equipped with all necessary counting modes [MIX, SINGLE (DD), SORT, FACE, ORIENTATION, COUNT]. Please watch our video demonstration to understand all of these modes of operation. 
  2. MIB-1 is constructed with compact and easy bill path access for jam removal and daily maintenance. 
  3. MIB-1 includes a unique hand-held design with flexibility of movement from one location to another location.
  4. MIB-1 can be connected via USB port to AMROTEC provided  software for software upgrade when it is needed.