LAUREL K-3 Banknote Sorter with 3 Stackers and 1 Reject (Medium to High Volume)


"K-3" Banknote Sorter w/3 Stackers, 1 Reject (Medium to Heavy-Duty)
FOR COMMERCIAL BANK BRANCHES, ATM DEPLOYERS, small casinos (sorting / fitness / barcode ticket processing)
Manufactured by world reputable banking equipment manufacture LAUREL, K-3 Banknote Sorter with 3 Stackers and  Reject (for Sorting, Fitness, TITO) is a Technical break-through. 

K-3 model is constructed for  Medium to Heavy-duty cash operation, Economical for it’s class and productive having 3 main Stacker Pockets and 1 dedicated Reject Pocket.

Best suitable for processing and Sorting of high-volume of mixture denominations of banknotes to 3 separate Stacker pockets and use Reject for rest of the denominations or specify denomination by pocket configuration. Users can also configure various Stacker pockets for ATM, FIT and UNFIT quality banknotes following FRB guideline and Criteria (for Soil, Dog-Ear, holes, fold, Tape, oil-stain etc).

Best Suitable for Bank branches to sort high-concentrated banknote denominations, ATM cassettes replenishment for all Banks and ATM operators or for those need to perform fitness for Federal Reserve Bank Deposit.”

K-3 Banknote Sorter with Fitness capability as standard, is equipped with improved hardware to process bills at a faster speed up to 1000 bills per minute or up to 60,000 bills per hour with highest recognition,  sorting, Fitness Sorting and detection of super CF bill detection. 

K-3 does include all counting modes from MIX / SORT / FACE/ ORIENT / FITNESS / TITO (optional). As to  FITNESS functionality, various fitness levels can be adjusted for ATM or FED (based on Federal Reserve Bank Guideline 2008) Standard.  

You can rely on Laurel K-3, a 3 + 1 Pocket Banknote Sorter, when comes to your desktop sorting or fitness need!

Constructed with high-quality and proven components from reputable suppliers mainly in Japan, K-3 is an engineering evolution for its compactness and HIGH-SPEED. It is Robust, medium to heavy-duty and offers at a highly competitive pricing for its compact class to end-users without compromising it’s long-term durability, highest performance whether denominating or Fitness Sorting and detecting super counterfeit bills.”   

Main Features:

user-friendly & Active motion bill press

Status indicators lights up and flashes in different colors whether the Stacker pocket is FULL or Banknotes remains on the hopper or an error has occurred. Status indicators lit up and flashes in different colors depending on whether the Stacker is full, banknotes are remaining, or an error has occurred. Bill press mechanism automatically moves up when it detects hand motion, and it is easy to load banknotes on the hopper without pressing any key button. 

easy user / service maintenance:

The K-3 is equipped with the self-cleaning function of sensors and requires minimum maintenance to maintain high performance over a long period of time. Further, K-3 is equipped with Dual dust trays to facilitate easy daily required maintenance.

5.7" Touch Display & ergonomic layout

5.7" Color Touch LCD Display indicates counting conditions graphically as well as displays all Functions and Menu items with clear visibility to operators. The Note hopper position has been set up almost at the surface level of the operator's desk. All Stacker pockets and LCD Display located in front of operator's eyes for easy access and removal of banknotes easily. This layout reduces physical body harm to operators and increase productivity.


K-3 model uses advanced generation Bill validator JDU-65 which is typically installed in higher priced Banknote sorters, for Bill recognition, Fitness Sorting as well as Suspect detection and Barcode Ticket processing function. Bill validator includes Dual CIS Image processing and using of IR-Array Pattern recognition Algorithm generate highest and unparalleled bill-recognition in the industry. CIS, Multi-Channel MR(Magneto-resistive)-Array and 4 UV sensors provide detection of highly sophisticated Super Counterfeit bills.

HIGH-speed banknote processing

Using of advanced Bill Validator, K-3 can process banknotes at a remarkable high-speed of 1000 bills for a multi-pocket banknote sorter having longer bill-path and even while performing FITNESS or reading Banknote Serial number (Optional feature).

Various Operation customization

The K-3 includes SORTING FUNCTIONALITY compasses of Denomination, Fitness, ATM / FED fit, Face or Orientation and banknote issue sorting. Various customization of pocket and denomination configuration can be done simply whether sorting of any 3 denominations to any Stacker pockets or select their specific Stacker pockets and so on.

High-speed banknote and Casino Ticket processing

The K-3 is able to process, denominates and sorts banknotes in mixture with Casino Tickets at a remarkable high speed of 1000 per minutes  while scanning and decoding barcoded tickets. This is an optional feature. If "CASHPRO" software (Third party software provider) is purchased and connected with K-3 model, then, "CASHPRO" PC software will capture banknote counting results as well as Casino Tickets barcode decoding information which can exported. Watch a video below: