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Innovative and High-performance Cash Processing Products

Casino & Gaming Segment

PRODUCT CATEGORY CASINO-GRADE Currency Discriminator and Multi-Pocket Sorters AMROTEC®’s  Currency Discriminator counters with 2-pockets for Casino cages to process heavy-volume cash and / or barcoded tickets at a speed up to 1200 bills or tickets […]

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Law Enforcement Agencies

PRODUCT CATEGORY cURRENCY dISCRIMINATORS AND sorters WITH BANKNOTE SERIAL NUMBER SCANNING, READING PRODUCT OFFERING FOR LAW-ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AMROTEC® offers special Currency Discriminators and Sorters for Law-enforcement agencies. Currency Discriminator counters and sorters with 2 pockets […]

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Retail Market Segment

PRODUCT CATEGORY cURRENCY dISCRIMINATORS AND coin processing equipment  PRODUCT OFFERING For Retail Market segment, AMROTEC® has been offering most innovative, high-performance and impressive Medium to Heavy-Duty Currency Discriminating counters from Single Stacker to 2 Pockets […]

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Financial Industry Segment

PRODUCT CATEGORY cURRENCY dISCRIMINATORS AND bANKNOTE soRTERS FOR FINANCIAL  PRODUCT OFFERING AMROTEC® offers high-performance, High-Speed (Up to 1200 Notes Per Minute) and medium to heavy-duty Currency Discriminating counters with 2-Pockets (non-interrupted operation) suitable for front […]

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“MIB-11V” Currency Discriminator w/2 Pockets & 4.3″ Touch Screen w/Stylus Pen (USD+CAD) – Heavy-Duty

AMROTEC®’s New-Generation “MIB-11V” Currency Discriminator 2-Pocket model brings in Revolutionary Transformation to Desktop Cash Processing and sets a new standard in the marketplace. 🔳 It processes world-currencies in ONE SINGLE-PASS if they are in mixture. […]

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MIB-9, The World’s Smallest 2-Pocket Currency Discriminator (USD+CAD)

“MIB-9” is the Smallest Dual Pocket Currency Discriminator in world market today! AMROTEC’s new-generation model “MiB-9” is one of the world’s smallest 2-Pocket Currency discriminator with a full Stacker and dedicated 100 bills reject pocket. […]

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MIB-5000 Banknote Sorter w/5-Pockets, Heavy-Duty for Cash and Casino Ticket Processing

“MIB-5000” Banknote Sorter is most Innovative. “MIB-5000” is the most economical and productive 4+1 banknote sorter out there. AMROTEC®’s MIB-5000 is one of the most economical and productive in it’s class having 4 main Stacker […]

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Laurel K-Series Large Banknote Sorters 4 – 12 Stackers, Heavy-duty (Vault, Casino, CITs)

“K-Series” – The Heavy-Duty Banknote Sorters from LAUREL, JAPAN. ? AMROTEC® offers High-speed advanced Banknote Sorters equipped with 4 to 12 Stacker pockets and one dedicated Reject pocket designed for heavy-duty operation at Casinos, bank […]

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