Currency Sorters – Medium Duty

Laurel K-3 Currency Sorter with 3 Stackers and  Reject (Sorting, Fitness, TITO) 

Latest release Laurel manufactured “K-3” equipped with 3 Stacker pockets with a dedicated Reject pocket allowing various banknotes sorting, fitness and w/o Casino tickets processing. K-3 is lower cost than other K-Series, designed for smaller casinos or suitable for a back-up next to large sorters at the back room at financial and CITs. 

Reliable Accurate Fitness and Authentication Detection:

The K3 Series is equipped with the same latest generation of Validator unit JDU–65 for fitness sorting and counterfeit detection, same as other LAUREL Sorter K4/K8/K12.

High-speed banknote processing
The K-3 is able to process banknotes at the remarkable high speed of  1000 banknotes per minutes even while performing fitness sorting or denomination sorting. Built with durable components, K-3 can stand up to heavy-duty uses. 
User-friendly Design
Large Color Touch Screen indicates condition of K-3 graphically and clearly. Status indicators lit up and flashes in different colors depending on whether the Stacker is full, banknotes are remaining, or an error has occurred.