Coin Sorting Machines

Retail, Vending, Transportation, Cash-wash and Amusement park – Industry

Since 2003, AMROTEC® has been offering most innovative, high-performance and impressive small to medium to Heavy-duty Coin processing Equipment (Coin Sorters) to count and sort coins at full-bag [per Federal Reserve Bank guideline for full-bag bags] at credit unions, medium to large retail chains, super-market, grocery stores, transportation companies, cash-wash and vending operations. Various models to choose from depending on your budget and need.

Our medium-heavy duty grade coin handling products are Certified by various certified agencies, such as FCC and CE labs and manufactured under highest quality standard and quality-control.  
S-200 Rail Coin Sorter – Medium duty (New Version released in 2016)
AMROTEC® Coin Sorter S-200 is one of the Best Rail Coin Sorter available in the Market and known for its metal alloy sensing recognition and foreign coin rejection capability. It counts and sorts all SIX US coins ($1, 50c, 25c, 10c, 5c, 1c) into SIX different trays or coin bags. 

It counts, displays, stores and prints the counting number, the value of each coin and the counting total – the total value of all coins. As standard, this model is featured with advanced foreign coin rejection technology and rejects foreign coins or unspecified coins into the reject coin tray or bag. 

Mainly designed for USA market, but also can be configured to other international coins upon request. NOW, our S-200 is able to do sort coins into FULL-BAGs (i.e. 10,000 coins for 10c coin) according to guideline set up Federal Reserve Bank for Full-coin bags deposit.

S-500 High-Speed Coin Sorter – Heavy Duty ( New version released in 2016)

 AMROTEC® S-500 is a High-Speed Coin Sorting Machine compromising of advanced Metal alloy sensing recognition and modern belt-driven sorting technology. With Built-in Large Hopper, S-500 is capable of handling heavy-duty coin processing job at financial institutions, gaming and vending industries. 

This model is designed with 6 coin drawers to count and sort all US coins and one reject drawer. Featured with advanced foreign coin rejection feature, S-500 is capable of rejecting foreign coins, unspecified coins and certain debries to reject coin drawer. 

It displays and prints each denomination value and piece count as well as grand total. It also stores and prints counting results for each batch and provides day count. NOW, our S-500 is able to do sort coins into FULL-BAGs (i.e. 10,000 coins for 10c coin) according to guideline set up Federal Reserve Bank for Full-coin bags deposit. Main technical data are follows: 

AMROTEC® S-100 Mix-Value Coin Counter (Commercial Grade)


AMROTEC® S-100 is a new type of MIX Value coin counting machine which can count up to Nine denomination of mix coins by Diameter at a speed of average 700 coins per minute. The color LCD display shows denomination total, total value count and grand total value and will scroll through all batch and daily totals to provide a complete picture of activities.

  • Counting Speed: 700 mix coins/min (approx)
  • Hopper: 3,000 dimes max (With lifting-cleaning coin tray)
  • Coin Size: 1.0 – 3.2 mm thickness and 14.0 – 31 mm(0-9)diameter
  • Mode: Continue counting and batch counting
  • Power consumption: 35W Operation
  • Voltage: AC115/ 50Hz, 230VAC
  • Dimension:13”W x 20”L x 18 ”H approx
  • Weight: 44 lbs