New Product Release

New Product Release - Coming soon!
Medium-Duty Banknote Sorter - Up to 12 Pockets for Financial market
AMROTEC X-6000 Banknote Sorter
Official Release date: 2Q of 2019

AMROTEC X-6000 Series Banknote Sorter from 6 - 12 Stackers (Financial market)

AMROTEC X-6000 Banknote Sorter up to 12 Stacker Pockets and 1 Reject
X-6000 Series Large Currency Sorting machine from 4 Stackers up to 12 Stackers

X-6000, another impressive currency sorter from AMROTEC projected to release in October, 2018, but, postpone until 2Q of 2019. It is powerful, stackable and large sorters in it’s vast portfolio. Expendable modular stacker design, X-6000 can be configured in various modular sorters, for example, 4+1 basic model can be configured with 6 stackers with 1 – 2 reject pockets, 8 stackers with 2 reject pockets as well as 12 pocket configuration. 

Equipped with various modes of operation from MIX, SORT, FACE, ORIENT, ISSUE, FITNESS, and TITO (barcode tickets) as well as includes most advanced suspect banknote detection technology set to detect most sophisticated counterfeit banknotes found today. 

By integrating 7″ color LCD Touch panel, X-6000 is able to provide even more intuitive way of cash handling with each operation. Best suitable for mid-large cash volume operation at financial, large retail back room operation as well as CITs.

Cash Deposit Solution for Retailers and Financial - Beam

Cash Deposit Solution – Beam

In today’s world, the security of money is critical to both the business and too the safety of its staff. Retailers often have high volumes of cash and are often targets of criminals. Cash-In-Transit (CIT) companies provide various collection options which ensure that the money is safe when it leaves the premises, but, often the main security concern is when the money is located in the cash drawers or at back office. Releasing the value of the cash within the CIT cash cycle is also of critically important to retailers and financial institutions especially in markets where access to credit is difficult and/ or expensive.

BEAM is a High-capacity, small footprint, small safe designed to process cash efficiently and securely at the front line or in the back office. With each deposit, banknotes are quickly validated and securely stored in an auto-sealing, tamper-evident bag.  BEAM practically offers Retailers (or similar businesses) ultimate safety and security building around keeping the cash, staff and reputation secure, reducing of costs through optimizing CIT visits and if connected to a CIT or financial institutions, it could  improve retailer’s cash flow through instant credit (provisional credit) and building long-term relationships by providing valued service.